About Us


As Visa Help Service, we are working to become a leading brand in the International Visa Services Sector and to facilitate the lives of passport holders with our innovative services and determined and pioneering initiatives. It aims to provide the most accurate solution by understanding the expectations of the visa applicants in the best way and to reach all segments of the society in the fastest and safest way with a wide range of products and services, and to be a company that maintains world-class standards of sustainable, determination and efficiency and above all customer satisfaction.

As Visa Help Service, we collect documents and original passports by considering all the requirements mentioned on the Embassy/Consulates documents checklist in order to assist visa applicants seeking for visa approval. We accept the documents in accordance with the rules of  all the embassies in order to prevent the negative consequences that may occur.

Visa Help Service’s professional and well trained staff is available in the Visa Application Centers all around the world to assist you for submission of your visa applications.


To be the market leader in the visa and consular management solutions industry.



We partner with governments and organisations providing innovative technology-driven process solutions which enable our clients to focus on the decision-making part of the process in the area of visa and consular, services.

We are process and service specialists and create exceptional value for our clients through highly secure, reliable, and efficient digital solutions. Our enhanced customer services ensure a convenient, seamless and superior experience for our consumers and our client governments. Through our truly global presence and highly engaged employees we create value for all our stakeholders, including the society at large.